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Animals & Pets

A Man of Kindness to His Horse    

No Better Word - Horses         

Cat - He's with Me Every Day

Cat - She's with Me Every Day  

Horses Prayer            

The One Absolutely Unselfish Friend             

Treat Me Kindly   



A Masterpiece of Art

Art Is a Kind of Illness

Art Is Not an End in Itself

Artists Are Nearest God

Every Child Is an Artist

Great Art Is as Irrational as Great Music

Never Judge a Work of Art by its Defects

Talent is Cultivated in Solitude

The Artist is the Child in the Popular Fable

The Learned Understand the Reason of Art

The Object of Art Is to Crystallize Emotion



A Masterpiece of Art    

Art Is a Kind of Illness

Art Is Not and End in Itself

Artists Are Nearest God

Bidden or Not Bidden

Every Child Is an Artist     

Great Art Is as Irrational as Great Music

If I had My Life to Live Over Again    

Never Judge a Work of Art by Its Defects   

Talent Is Cultivated in Solitude

The Artist Is the Child in the Popular Fable

The Journey Is Long

The Learned Understand the Reason of Art

The Object of Art Is to Crystallize Emotion

True Art Is Reverent Imitation of God

My Mother Had a Great Deal of Trouble with Me

We Create the Path


Consolation & Loss

Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep

Don't Worry that I'm Gone 

Grandfather Remembered              

Grandmother Remembeered             

Mom, Where is Heaven              

Mother Remembered             

Swiftly Fly O Gentle Soul              

The Lord Is my Shepherd

This is a Beautiful Life             


Family & Children

A Parent's Prayer             

Children of My Heart             

Children's ABC's

Cleaning and Scrubbing - Babies Don't Keep               

Do Not Feed Children

Don't Live through Your Son

Eensy Weensy Spider

Frisky as a Lambkin

I Hope My Children Look Back on Today             
Monday's Child is Fair of Face             

My Precious Child              

Oh Hush Thee My Baby

Red Boots

Sunrise Sunset

To My Grown Up Daughter         



Oh the Comfort             

Friendship Is a Footbridge             

Some People Come into our Lives             


Home Hearth & Hospitality

Far Fields

If You Come Cheerily

Hail Guest              

Home Sweet Home             

Houses by Kahlil Gibran 

Lord and Lady              

Welcome to this Dwelling             

Inspiration, Life's Lessons, Motivation









Irish Proverbs & Poems

An Irish Prayer             

Lucky Stars above You             

May Brooks and Trees and Singing Hills             

May Good Luck Be Your Friend              

May Joy and Peace Surround You             

May the Good Saints Protect You              

May the Lilt of Irish Laughter

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You              

May Your Blessings Outnumber the Shamrocks             

May Your Troubles Be Less              

These Things We Warmly Wish for You             

Wherever There Is Happiness              

Take Time to Work           


Love & Marriage

Apache Wedding Blessing            

As the Father Has Loved Me               

Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes            

How Do I Love Thee              

I Hear My Beloved Solomon Song of Songs             

Love by Kahlil Gibran              

Love Is Friendship that Has Caught Fire

Love Is Patient 1 Corinthians              

Marriage by Kahlil Gibran            

Recipe for a Happy Marriage              

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day             

What Is Marriage              

Mothers & Motherhood           

A Mother Is a Person Who            

A Mother's Love for the Child          
Who Is Getting More Pleasure           

You Filled My Days with Rainbow Lights


Myrtle Storm


Any Season in Montana              

Montana in the Autumn             

Montana in the Spring              

Montana in the Summer             

Getting Older             

On Being Sixty 

I Am Seventy Plus

Dear Lord I am 80

I'm Only 79

Being Eighty-One          

I'm Going to a Party

Now There Were Some Old Women             


Nature & Seasons

A Lake by Thoreau

A Little Madness in the Spring

A Perfect Beuty of a Sunflower

Again the Blackbirds Sing

All Through the Long Winter

Autumn Wins You Best 

Chief Seattle

Do Not Feed Children 

Everything in Nature Bespeaks the Mother               

I Fish Because I Love to            

I Like the Fall             

I Thank Heaven Every Summer's Day  

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud             

Lake Land Forest              

My Garden with its Silence             

Nature by Oscar Wilde              

Sea Fever by John Masefield

The Lake

The Snow Fell Softly All the Night 

The Woods Would Be Very Silent             

We Need Another and a Wiser Concept of Animals           


Proverbs, Traditional & Modern

A Bit of Frangrance always Clings             

I Never Saw a Wild Thing             

I'd Pick More Daisies

If I Had My Life to Live Over Again

It Is Not Good Enough              

Look to this Day             

My Apple Tree             

The Journey Is Long             

We Create the Path by Walking              

You Cannot Prevent the Birds of Sorrow             

You Can't Change the Direction of the Wind              


Religious & Christmas

A Time for Everything Ecclesiastes              

As the Father Has Loved Me John 15    

Deck the Halls - the Story of Holly             

He Has Given Us the Sun and the Moon              

He Sprinkles Snow Si 43 Ps 147              

I Hear My Beloved Solomons Song of Songs 

In the Beginning Was the Word             

Let All Praise the Name of the Lord 

Let Us Pray             

Life Giver              

Lord Who May Sojourn in Your Tent

Love Is Patient              

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue              

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas              

Sing to the Lord a New Song  

The Birth of Christ Is Observed             

The Light of the Christmas Star to You              

The Lord Is My Shepherd Ps 23

There Is Nothing We Can Give You   

Today in the Town of David Luke   

Welcome All Wonders in One Sight            

When Peaceful Silence Lay Over All             





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