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Being Eighty-One

Dark were the tresses that are now so gray
Age creeps up on me day by day
Slowly, slowly go the feet
That once went skipping down the street.

Just look at this old lady today
To think I've been asked to model lingerie -
Crepy neck and wrinkled brow
Oh the difference from then to now.

All those faults don't worry me
Tho they are there to plainly see
So many things I cannot do
But I still accomplish one or two.

Regardless of age, games fascinate me -
In the middle of one I love to be.
It doesn't matter if I win the prize
Competition puts spark in these old eyes.

Now that I've turned eighty-one
You wonder how I can have so much fun
It's easy when one looks around
Many pleasures can be found.

Many friends come to visit me
There's books to read and some TV
A little knitting, a few crafts too
There's always something for me to do.

In counting my blessings I find
Most people are very kind
Loving relatives, friends by the score
Who in the world could ask for more.

I put on my glasses, get my hearing aid
Grab my crutches and have it made -
Off to a party with the help of my friends
The joy of living never ends.

- Myrtle Storm, the Octogenarian

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