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Deck the Halls - the Story of Holly

Deck the halls
with boughs
of holly,
fa la la la la la
La la la

Being a sacred tree to them,
the ancient Greeks and
Romans used holly to
symbolize friendship,
goodwill and eternal life.
Holly planted near your
home would ward off evil
and be a protection against
Mary hid the Baby Jesus
from Herod under a holly
tree. Jesus blessed the tree
by turning it evergreen -
a sign of hope and immortality.
It is to be brought into Church
on Christmas Eve and taken
down on Epiphany. All
but one small piece is to be
burned; that piece is to be
hung in the barn to protect
the animals from harm.

- from Phyllis Stephens

This block of lettering
shows the Italic style in which
this piece is rendered, with Gothicized Italic fa-la-las.