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Friendship Is a Footbridge

Friendship is a footbridge
joining isolated bodies together
allowing free and confident passage,
sharing what each has
and adding to the sum total of each.
To be a friend one must be as tolerant to the other as to oneself.
Thus the self is made larger and stronger.
A good friend is one who will lend as though giving
and repay more than is lent.
Cherish your friends. . . they make up a person's wealth
more surely than gold. . .
for one without a friend is like a cork without a bottle.
It is not necessary to tell your friends you like them..
they know.
But tell them anyway.
Friendship, like plants,
blooms greater when nourished.
Defend your friends,
elevate your friends,
help your friends,
and you will find even your enemies
will want to be your friends.

- M. Walker

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