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He Sprinkles Snow

He sprinkles snow
like birds alighting,
it comes down
like locusts settling.
The eye marvels at the
beauty of its whiteness,
and the mind is amazed at its falling.
Over the earth, like salt,
He also pours hoarfrost -
its crystals sparkle
like sapphires -
which, when it freezes,
bristles like thorns.
The cold wind blows
from the north,
and ice forms on the water,
settling on every
watery expanse,
and water puts it on
like armor.

And when the cold
is unbearable,
to bring the thaw
and warm wind
to melt the snow.

- Si43:19-22; Ps147:18

This block of Uncial lettering
shows the style in which
this piece is rendered