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I Am Seventy Plus

When I reached forty it seemed to me
It was a terrible age to be.
But as I look back, I recall
It wasn't a terrible age at all.

As the years seemed to fly
And fifty years passed me by -
Half a century - you can guess
I hated that age, I must confess.

The age of sixty brought great fear
But it turned into a wonderful year.
I quit regretting my age, at last,
And looked to the future instead of the past.

Now that I am seventy-three
Life is changing, I must agree.
But I don't worry as I used to do
Because my friends are aging, too.

Because I am seventy plus
I live without strife or fuss.
I've reached the Metallic Age, you see;
And this is what life has done to me:

Bits of gold shine when I smile,
My silver hair shows for a mile.
And now I find it hard to dance
Because of the lead that's in my pants.

- Myrtle Storm

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