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Montana in the Autumn

There's gold and green of the hillside
And the blue of the sky above
The creeks as clear as crystal
And the cry of the turtle dove

Flocks of geese are winging
You can hear their distant cry
And wonder how far Southward
They intend to fly

There's golden wheat a-swaying
And the smell of new mown hay
And clumps of yellow daisies
Scattered on the way

There's stately dock and tall cattails
All dressed up in brown
And there's a herd of antelope
On the hillside looking down

The gold of the birch tree mingles
With the dark green of the pine
And through the branches overhead
You can see the bright sunshine

You couldn't paint a picture
To compare with it at all
For Montana is so beautiful
When the season's in theFall

-Myrtle Storm

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