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Now There Were Some Old Women

Now there were some old women
I've heard people say
Who gambled and gambled
Their whole life away.

They complained of their backs
And complained of their head
But they gambled right on
When they were most dead.

They shuffled the cards
And shook the dice
If there was a game going on
You needn't ask twice.

Now all these women I've heard people say
Wondered what they'd do
When came judgment day.

Now I'll tell you what one woman said
Now I'll never worry
If I know when I'm dead
When I'm in my coffin if you'll just look and see
If there's a deck of cards there beside me
Just tell St. Peter when he opens the gate
If there's a game going on
I don't want to be late.

And tell him too
In case I forgot
To deal out the cards and check out the pot.

- Myrtle Storm

This block of lettering
shows the Little Egyptian letters in which
this piece is rendered