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Ol' Cowboy's Philosophy

Wake up and shake the stardust from your eyes.
Look ahead and smile at what you see.

Campfire cracklin, pushin' away the dark
while coffee boils and bacon sizzles in the heat
that warms both backsides and heart
with flames and cheeriness that only
a good campfire and friends can bring.

New put greets you with cold nose and wiggly tail
and says, "Boss, here I am, ready to work
at your side all day and be your friend.."

Ol' pony nickers in the dark
and chuffs air softly through his nose,
ready to be free a day of which he knows nothing
and cares not what it might bring -
just lad to be alive and to have a friend
to brush away the prairie dust and sticky burrs,
then settle saddle on just right
so it rides in comfort 'till day's end.

Soft prairie breeze rustles through tall grass and goldenrod,
sweeping from its floor the aches and pains and tears of yesterday -

preparing for a fresh new day ahead. A day which will bring
you know not what, but nothing that any man with friends
can't handle. A day to be greeted with a smile and a nod
as you would greet a new hand on the ranch,
while reserving judgment 'til he proves himself.

Oh, yes, this day will try to have its way with you,
measly mortal that you are. But fear not
its fickle ways and make it the challenge of your life
to face and beat them one by one, these days.

Then leave the bones of that conquered foe
scattered across the prairie's face
to fade away and settle back into the dust.
Hang them not around your neck to rattle
reminders in your ears long past
when there is no need to fear.

Hang there instead, on strings of sunshine,
the things that made you laugh and feel
just so good to be alive.

Look back and see what?

A trail of dust from ol' pony's hooves
rising slowly in the air,
fading - fading -
'til it's there no more like yesterday.
Dust you can never find again
as it is mixed with earth and sky
and it's gone ---
so seek it not!



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