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On Being Sixty

This morning I looked in the mirror
Looked at myself and said,
Today, Old Gal, you are sixty -
You shouldn't have got out of bed.

Then I thought of the friends around me,
Of the party they gave last night,
The fast bridge game which I won,
And the gifts which were all a delight.

I thought of the plans for the future,
All the things I had left undone;
I thought of the goals left unconquered,
And all of the prizes not yet won.

I counted my many blessings -
Good friends, good health, good cheer;
And thought of the plans I had
All for the coming year.

I summed up my past and my future,
And this is what I find:
Old age isn't to be counted in years;
It's just the state of one's mind.

If I counted the years in seasons,
It's really early fall,
And winter's yet a long way off
And sixty's not bad after all.

- Myrtle Storm "On Being Sixty"

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